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In a bid to offer seamless internet connectivity to users while travelling, T-Mobile has joined forces with Virgin Trains to place its HotSpot service onto Pendolino Virgin trains.

The network vows to provide high speed internet connectivity throughout the West Coast line even in tunnel sections, and the initial rollout of the Wi-Fi service would include 52 trains. T-Mobile, in conjunction with Nomad Digital, already offers Wi-Fi connectivity on Heathrow express services and on London to Brighton Southern track.

If you’re going to be (very) late into a segment at least make sure to cause a stir when you do get your arse moving…

To this end BT has finally taken the wraps of its first consumer mobile broadband tariff today and bundled it with its home broadband to create one of the cheapest deals I’ve seen to date.

Mobile TV News Analyst:

Mobile TV News Analyst – February 2007 (Issue 1)

About Mobile TV News Analyst

MobileTV News Analyst will be avaliable online every 3 months (4 issues per year). Printed copies will be available at various trade shows (visit for more trade show information). With so much news, of variable quality, available from so many sources, we will provide time-constrained readers with a highly focused and thoroughly researched update on what matters in your industry.

If you have a professional interest in Mobile TV then look no further for intelligence and insight you can trust, covering the important details and the big picture.

Visit for more information on Mobile TV News Analyst, along with other publications.

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Digital Media Publishing Launches Mobile TV News Analyst

February, 2007 – Digital Media Publishing, the company that brought you industry-leading publications such as New Video Technology and IPTV News Analyst, along with accredited news-sites such as and, has announced that it will be launching Mobile TV News Analyst at this year’s 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, February 12-15.

DVB-H Mobile TV

This white paper provides an overview of the DVB-H mobile TV modulation standard, and presents a demodulation solution using the UCC Mobile (Universal Communications Co-Processor) platform, available for licensing from Ensigma, a division of Imagination Technologies. This is a unique baseband solution enabling multi-standard demodulation via a programmable software radio platform. This platform enables a single device to efficiently support DVB-H as well as a number of other Mobile TV standards.

IP Datacasting Bringing TV to the Mobile Phone – WHITEPAPER

Bringing TV to Mobile Phones In the near future morning commuters will be able to pass the time on the train by selecting the market news channel on their Mobile phone TV and watching the latest news in real time before reaching the office. In the extra minutes before arriving at the station and walking to the office, consumers can switch over to the music channel and enjoy their favorite tunes and videos.

Mobile TV – The Next Big “Killer App” in Wireless – EXEC OVERVIEW

Historically, the wireless mobile industry has changed the way that we live, work and play by providing communications anytime, anywhere to anyone at an affordable price. A new technology application in the cellular industry will again change the way we live. In the near future, mobile television services delivered over cellular networks to handheld wireless terminals offer great promise as potential revenue generators for players across the value chain (e.g., network operators, broadcasters/content providers, equipment manufacturers).

Television on a handheld receiver – broadcasting with DVB-H

Over the last ten years digital technology has encouraged a rapid growth in the personal consumption of media. The advent of personal video recorders (PVRs), video-on-demand and the multiplication of programme offerings have enabled viewers to personalise the content that they want to watch. And with interactivity, viewers can directly express their preferences to broadcasters.

As part of this trend, and alongside the growth of mobile telephony, new technologies have been developed that enable viewers to watch streamed television-like services on their mobile telephone. The place of viewing is no longer limited to the television receiver at home, or in a vehicle, but is widened to allow personalised viewing of television by individuals wherever they are located.

Mobile TV Broadcasting – Nokia Brochure

Mobile phones, mp3 players, PDAs… today these are standard equipment for busy people. And theyre about to be joined by a new must-have device that will change the way people think about entertainment, communication and information: Mobile TV.

DVB-H the emerging standard for mobile data communication ARTICLE

DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld) is the new digital broadcast standard for the transmission of broadcast content to handheld terminal devices, developed by the international DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Project and recently published by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

IP Broadcasting to handheld devices based on DVB-T – DVB WHITEPAPER

DVB-H is the latest development from the DVB Project targeting handheld, battery powered devices such as mobile telephones and PDAs.

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