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Social Media World Forum, Asia is your chance to interact and engage directly from the industry leaders, discovering the future first hand. Social Media has come a long way in the last 12 months and this 2 day conference will get right into the nitty gritty of these changes, giving delegates a way to learn, engage, debate and understand the latest in social media marketing, specifically for the Asian marketplace.

With three simultaneous streams the Apps World event aims to address the entire app ecosystem, and the challenge of delivery, development and design of apps across multiple platforms. A truly international event, that brings together leading operators and app stores worldwide, and is the first show to draw in parallels between the emergence of the TV apps store, and the challenge to pay tv operators, and the challenges mobile operators face, device manufactures and the emergence of the tablet apps marketplace.

Social Media World Forum Europe is your chance to interact and engage directly from the industry leaders, discovering the future first hand.

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Broadband Bananas reflects the immense changes in our industry including the growth of new media delivery platforms like IPTV, mobile TV, Internet TV and the digtial home.

The website is an outstanding information and community-based web portal that offers unique opportunities to watch and learn from Interactive TV applications and operator marketing campaigns from around the world, in addition to finding news and written resources.

Verizon Communications has held discussions with Apple about selling a version of the US technology company’s iPhone.

Both Verizon, which announced first-quarter results on Monday, and Apple declined to comment about the iPhone talks. However, people familiar with the situation said Verizon had held talks with Apple about the possibility of selling an iPhone based on 3G wireless technology called CDMA 2000. Verizon owns 55 per cent of Verizon Wireless, the leading US mobile operator. Vodafone, the UK-based mobile operator, owns the remaining 45 per cent.

If you’re going to be (very) late into a segment at least make sure to cause a stir when you do get your arse moving…

To this end BT has finally taken the wraps of its first consumer mobile broadband tariff today and bundled it with its home broadband to create one of the cheapest deals I’ve seen to date.

In a bid to offer seamless internet connectivity to users while travelling, T-Mobile has joined forces with Virgin Trains to place its HotSpot service onto Pendolino Virgin trains.

The network vows to provide high speed internet connectivity throughout the West Coast line even in tunnel sections, and the initial rollout of the Wi-Fi service would include 52 trains. T-Mobile, in conjunction with Nomad Digital, already offers Wi-Fi connectivity on Heathrow express services and on London to Brighton Southern track.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook will look at identifying their most influential members, and what they are saying, in a bid to become more useful to brands doing marketing, a new report claims.

Forrester Research’s ‘The Future of the Social Web’ report looks forward to an era of “social colonisation” on the web, as people who have multiple identities on the web via sites like LinkedIn and MySpace adopt the OpenID system — currently being developed by web giants including Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Inuk Networks has been acquired by leading US high definition video streaming technology player Move Networks.

The tie-up is expected to a see a ramping up of engineering capacity at Inuk’s South Wales operation, as it moves from a closed network provider of so call internet protocol television (IPTV) content mainly Freeview channels to student halls of residence in the UK to the more lucrative open internet networks market.

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